Add gdbserver recipe to image yocto


What is the way to add gdbserver in the result image building with yocto ?
I’ve tried by adding tools-debug to IMAGE_FEATURES but I can’t see the package in the tmp directory.

Could you please help me ?


Add gdbserver to the IMAGE_INSTALL variable.

e.g. add in your local.conf a line as follows:

IMAGE_INSTALL += "gdbserver"

Note that gdbserver is deployed to all image recipes in meta-toradex in this include file.


Hm, that is odd, tools-debug should actually add packagegroup-core-tools-debug to your image, which contains gdb, gdbserver and strace…

Anyway, if you just need gdbserver, Max’ solution is probably better. Otherwise you would need to check why tools-debug did not take effect, e.g. by checking whether the package group is now part of the image manifest and/or checking the environment output for your image recipe ( bitbake <image> -e, check if IMAGE_FEATURES contains tools-debug).