Add DIND param to tcbuild.yaml

I’m setting up a tcbuild.yaml file for my image build. We are using an internal docker registry that cannot be easily secured (except with self-signed certs). I therefore need to use the insecure-registry parameter to be able to fetch bundles.
Is there a way to specify --dind-param parameter when using tcbuild.yaml file and the torizoncore-builder build command?

Hi @hordur !

For now, there is no way to pass dind-param, unfortunately.

As a workaround, you could use the second form of the bundle section:

  1. fetch the image using the TorizonCore Builder’s bundle command,
  2. modify your tcbuild.yaml to reference the corresponding bundle directory
    • e.g.: use output/easy-installer/bundle/dir instead of output/easy-installer/bundle/compose-file
  3. build it

Let me know if this helps you.

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Hi, Thanks for the workaround, I’ll try that.

It would be great to get the other parameter supported in the yaml file, or as a command line option to the build command (since it is more of a system option than a setting of the image being built). Should I create a feature request to suggest this, or is this question sufficient?


Hi @hordur !

For a feature request, would be better to create a question there. You can reference this question there.

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Hi @henrique.tx !

Is there a way to pass the certificates to dind container?

‘/etc/docker/certs.d/‘server host’/domain.crt’
‘/etc/docker/certs.d/‘server host’/domain.key’

‘server host’ eg:

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Can you please start a new topic about this question?

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