Add a second usb 2.0 port to Ixora with Apalis T30

Hello dear support Team,
is it possible to use the second or third usb2.0 from apalis t30 with Ixora Carier Board? If yes, do you have an example circuit diagram?

For Apalis T30 + Ixora combination 2 USB ports are available by default -
X2 and bottom half of X8. Be sure that JP2 is closed.

For schematic examples please refer to Apalis Carrier Board Design Guide

Thank you Alex,
First I think you mean X7 (not X2) right?
Second: X8 (Bottom) is not powered and it doesn´t matter if I close JP2 or open it. Ixora is version 1.1A and Apalis T30 is version 1.1B.

Dear @JanP

There are actually 3 usable USB connectors on the Ixora:

  • X7 (vertical, white)
  • X8 bottom (blue)
  • X9 (Micro-USB)

X8 bottom and X9 are shared, so only one of them can be used at a time!

In the WinCe image V2.1, the power enable signals were not handled properly, therefore you faced a non-working USB port.
Please update to the latest image V2.2b4 in order to make X8 bottom / X9 working.
As an alternative, you can configure the power enable signal as a GPIO and control it manually from your application.

Regards, Andy

Thank you Andy,
which pin number would that be?

Dear @JanP

I recommend to look at the Ixora V1.1 schematics as a reference for such questions.

  • USBO1_EN is on pin X1-274.

Regards, Andy


Thanks a lot. With BSP V2.2b4 usb port on x8 button works. To set the Pin 274 to high with V2.1 didn´t work. LED3 is running but no power on usb port. Just for info.

Dear @JanP

Thank you for the feedback. On V2.1, the automatic switching between USB host / client driver wasn’t implemented properly. Manually switching the driver would have solved the issue.

Anyway, using the later image is the recommended way to go, as we fixed the issues.

Regards, Andy