ADC Apalis TK1 .Software support


my company is about to order the apalis TK1 board in combination with Apalis Evaluation Board and Ixora Carrier Board, so we can test the combination for our project. It would be really nice if someone can answer the following question.
An important part of our project is the ADC.


Apalis Evaluation Board → Satrting for the first time → First steps with Appalis Evaluation Board → Getting Started with Toradex ARM Moduls → Liunux → How to use ADC

I did’t find any information about the Apalis TK1.
There is also no information for Apalis TK1 under other topics. For example :PWM, CAN etc.
is there any reason for that?
Is there a Programmer’s Reference Manual for Apalis TK1 where I can find that information ?

Alexander Andreev

We are in the process of updating any relevant information on our developer website in regards to the Apalis TK1. Concerning the ADC the relevant information can actually already be found here.
Concerning CAN this is work in progress to be released as part of the upcoming Q3 release.