Access EIM using Linux


We are trying to develop an application to communicate with an FPGA board through External Memory Bus (EIM) on Linux. So far there have been posts regarding this topic, but only on Windows, for example: external EIM Bus CS1 - Toradex Community. Are there any equivalent code samples available for Linux?

Additionally, what changes have to be done to the device tree and registers to enable access to the EIM itself, so that any corresponding pin could be monitored using an oscilloscpe while writing/reading data to register space 0x28000000-0x28FFFFFF?

Thanks in advance.

Dear @dominicd

You can find some really basic information here:

For the iMX7 you will need the weim driver:

How you can e.g. attach a nor flash you will find in this devicetree file:

What do you plan to access? Is it a NOR-Flash as well or something more advanced?

For testing you could probably access the mapped memory range directly via devmem2.