About temperature sensors in WinCE

Hi everyone,

quick questions from customer regarding some information from the temperatures sensors in WinCE.

What kind of temperature does the temperature obtained by NvRmTmonZoneId_Core and NvRmTmonZoneId_Module represent?

Is it OK to recognize that if the temperature obtained by NvRmTmonZoneId_Core exceeds the temperature stated as “Operative range”, it will not work properly?


Dear @alvaro.tx

  • NvRmTmonZoneId_Core is measured from a sensor within the T30 chip.
  • NvRmTmonZoneId_Module is taken from an additional temperature sensor which is located in another place on the Apalis module.

The behavior is somewhat more complicated:

As a first measure the system limits the performance whenever the core temperature gets too high:

T_SoC < 60 °C:          no limitation  
T_Soc = 60 °C to 85 °C: Core frequency limits to 800 MHz  
T_SoC > 85 °C:      	Core frequency decreases in steps down to 500 MHz  

The system continues to work properly, but the limited performance can affect the behavior of a device.

If the core temperature rises above 115°C, or the module temperature rises above 95°C, the system does an emergency shutdown.

There are two developer page articles regarding this topic. But I just found, the information is slightly outdated and requires an update from our side:

Regards, Andy