About how to use opkg on Colibri Evaluation Board

I’m estimating in Colibri Evaluation Board Rev.3.1.
There are no gcc and make and I think I’ll try installation.

opkg update
While it can’t be downloaded, it stops.

== error
wget address ‘feeds.angstrom-distribution.org

Failed to download
wget returned 1

opkg install gcc
Because an update above-mentioned won’t be done.
The situation that it can’t be installed.

== error
unknown package gcc
collected errors

Cannot install package.gcc

What hardware/software model/version of things are you talking about?

Usually one does not natively compile stuff on an embedded system but rather cross-compiles them. Please find more information in the following article on our developer website about how to go about doing a custom BSP build.

It appears you are using an older Linux image. As you can see from the error, the URL that opkg is attempting to download the package manifest from is not valid. Angstrom has, since this image’s release, slightly restructured the URL to: http://feeds.angstrom-distribution.org/feeds/v2014.06/ipk/eglibc/armv7at2hf-vfp-neon/base/Packages.gz

My recommendation is to flash the latest Linux image for which ever module you are currently using. This has very little to do with the Colibri Evaluation Board and is more importantly affected by the model and version of Colibri module you are using.

As @marcel.ziswiler mentions, native compilation on the target is not generally recommended. It is much preferred to compile on a host system. Please read the How to setup environment for Embedded Linux application development and Hello World application on Embedded Linux articles for more details.

If you remain staunchly committed to compiling natively on the target, you can do so by referencing the Native Compilation article.