About flash memory

Dear Toradex Support,
We have a question about flash memory handling in Toradex embedded computers running Windows Embedded OS.

On Toradex computers, if we put a file to any place of the “” drive (e.g. to “\Windows”), the file will disappear after rebooting.
On the contrary, on the most mobile devices we use (e.g. Variscite embedded computers, HP Pocket PCs), if we put a file to the internal drive (to the “\Windows” folder), it will remain there after rebooting.

We would like to configure Toradex embedded computers so that any file put to the internal drive is kept there after rebooting.

How can we do that?


You need to put your files to

“\FlashDisk” this is internal storage of our modules.

Root directory () mapped to RAM disk and can be used for temporary files.
On board flash memory accessible as a \FlashDisk.

You can change this name. Please see details here - https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/flash-file-system#Name