A71CH Secure Element Demo


Recently, I found and read A71CH Secure Element Demo

Since we are planning to use Torizon as our target OS, we also want to try security demo if it is possible.

However, since we need to use apalis ixora board due to both HDMI connection with the customized display and system required performance (I was thinking to use imx8X colibri, but cannot use our own display then. I know we could use hdmi cable with imx6 calibri with HDMI Adapter - Colibri Tegra 2, 3 & IMX6 Modules, but not imx8X right?), I was wondering if you could let me know whether it is possible to have above security demo with apalis module or not. Or if you could suggest me other ways to follow demo with apalis, it would be nicer!

Thank you in advance!

Greetings @hkhunkim,

In theory yes the demo should be easily adaptable to the Apalis i.MX6 platform.

Though of course the process would differ compared to the Colibri i.MX6ULL in the following sections:

Best Regards