A query on Toradex Prebuilt Real-time Images


Our team is looking for the latest prebuilt minimal reference image for the Apalis iMX8 which contains the PREEMPT_RT patch. Looking through the TEZI feed, we managed to find one which was built in June 2021 as a monthly build (link). Considering that the image was built one year ago (and that many changes were made to the kernel and oe build infrastructure since then), we were wondering if there are any plans for Toradex to build another one in near future, so that we could get a more up to date prebuilt RT image for the Apalis iMX8?

We understand that these RT images haven’t been fully validated Toradex, but would still like to obtain them as a baseline for comparison, making sure that any instability in our own RT images do not stem from our changes, but is rather intrinsic to Toradex’s kernel when the PREEMPT_RT patch is applied.

Hatsy Rei

I think you are simple bookmarked not very useful link. Check this:

Hi Edward, I did checked the link you provided, as well as each monthly release. Unfortunately the one I linked in my original post was the latest Yocto reference image with PREEMPT_RT for Apalis iMX8, that I could find (June 2021). I was trying to look for a newer one (if that exists). Nonetheless, thanks for the link.

Hi @HatsyRei , we stopped building RT image. Now you can build it by yourself with Yocto Project.
DISTRO in build/conf/local.conf is set to tdx-xwayland-rt.

# Use this distro
DISTRO = "tdx-xwayland-rt"

I see. Thanks for the answer.

I brought this up because the Yocto RT images our team has been building, have been experiencing issues similar to that reported on TorizonCore with RT. (ref)

I’ll start a new thread to discuss our findings, which hopefully would provide some insight into potential fixes.