7" resistive touch display for Apalis iMX6 with Ixora


I’ll be buying an Apalis iMX6 Quad 1GB and Ixora carrier board in the very near future to continue development of my Qt Quick-based embedded product. I currently have a 7" display for prototyping, but am using an LVDS converter board and 4-wire resistive touch to USB adapter.

What I’m after is a 7" 4-wire resistive touch display, which can connect directly to the LVDS (or Unified connector, I don’t mind) connector on the Ixora board. The requirements for the display are as follows:

  1. 7" 800x480
  2. Square pixel pitch (0.1905 x 0.1905)
  3. 24-bit with 16.7M colours
  4. High brightness (>500 cd/m2)
  5. Medium-High Contrast (>400:1)
  6. Anti-glare
  7. LED backlight with PWM control
  8. Long lifetime (>40,000 hours)

The official Toradex resistive display would be perfect if not for the non-square pixel pitch.

Can anyone recommend a display they’ve used with the Apalis/Ixora platform which didn’t require adaptation/conversion?


@jars121, we at Toradex don’t focus on selling displays, that’s why we also only have very few in our webshop. They are more meant for general evaluation or smaller production batches without special requirements. I recommend contacting companies specialized in displays, such as Endrich (where we procure our current displays we have in the webshop), Glynn, EDT, and many more.
Note, we are using an interface called Unified Interface Display, originally used on EDT displays. It’s a parallel RGB interface which is usually OK for 7" displays. So you might be lucky and find compatible products on the EDT website:
You will find the information about the pin-out of the unified interface display connector in the datasheets of our carrier boards, e.g. the Ixora datasheet:

Thanks roman, much appreciated as always. I’ve made a couple of enquiries with prospective suppliers, and have provided the Ixora datasheet link for their reference.