5V power supply connection options to Viola carrier board available?

Viola Plus Carrier Board can be supplied with 5V DC power through either connector X2 or X3.

  1. In our project we have a Power Supply board with a DC-DC converter circuit generating 5V DC/1.5A power.
    Can we connect this Power Supply board DC-DC converter output to Viola Plus Carrier Board Extension Connector (X9) Pin 1(PWR_IN_FILT) through a ribbon cable(with adequate current rating)?

  2. That is, can we bypass the ‘5V Input Overvoltage Protection and EMI Filter’ circuit onboard the Viola as our
    Power Supply board itself has adequate protection and LC filter on it’s 5V DC output?

Thanks in advance for your support.


Yes, you can do it if your power supply provides adequate filtering.