2-56 screws on IMX6 SoC are too tight

I ordered from 2-56 screws into the spacers that I put on my custom motherboard. The screws are almost identical as M2 screws but they are a very tight fit where I would be threading the inside of the screw holes of the SOC and I’m not comfortable doing that at risk of damaging the board. I’m wondering if the 2-56 screws I got are just 1mm to wide or something than the M2 screws. Both of those types of screws should be 2mm in diameter just like the hole in the SOC it’s just a really tight fit when it should just slide right in.

If M2 wouldn’t work any better what would be the recommendation for screw diameter to secure the SOC to the motherboard?

Hello SterlingA,

Which carrier Board are you using ?

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Matthias Gohlke

Hello Sterling,

The holes in the module have a diameter of 2.0mm. Therefore, M1.5, M1.6, or M1.8 screws can be used. Please note the maximum allowed head and washer diameter is 6mm.

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