12" display with touch on iMX7S recommendations?

Our requirements want a 12 inch display, but leave all other details open. Would there be hardware that has available successful examples?

@stevea1949, we don’t have any display which we tested in combination with our hardware and therefore don’t have a direct recommendation of hardware. In general, it should be possible to connect pretty much any display using the 18 or 24-bit parallel RGB interface. The display size you are looking for usually comes with e.g. LVDS or other serialized interfaces. A solution could therefore be to add a parallel to LVDS converter (serializer) on the carrier board connected to the parallel display output of the Colibri iMX7 allowing you to chose from the broad spectrum of 12" LVDS displays out there.
We integrated an LVDS converter in our Iris and Colibri Evaluation board, you can find the schematics on our website: