12.1" PCAP display with Apalis/Ixora?


Our system is based on the Apalis iMX8 on an Ixora carrier. We’re prototyping with the 10" capacitive touch display available directly from Toradex. Can anyone recommend a suitable 12.1" PCAP display?

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Greetings @tonygarvey,

I don’t have any specific recommendations about 1 display over another. But what may help you is this article here: Supported displays | Toradex Developer Center

This article contains a list of displays that are known to have worked with our products at one point. Either through internal Toradex testing or other customers work. This may help give you an idea of similar displays others may be using with our products.

Probably the more limiting factor these days would be hardware availability with the displays. Though this is more a question for the display supplier.

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