10" LCD on Apalis T30 WEC2013


I have the 10" capacitive LCD touchscreen kit for the Apalis T30 on an Ixora Board.

During boot, the LCD works fine. Then it goes blank when windows starts. I’ve installed the latest driver for the display, and have verified in regedit that the resolution is set to 1024 x 600

If I plug an external monitor to the HDMI port, then the LCD works. But I can not get the LCD to work without the external monitor plugged in.

I saw the issue about having to set the resolution settings in the bootloader menu… how do I do that?



We are not able to reproduce the exact same issue.
Which version of WEC2103 image using?

There are two pins involved for the backlight control, BKL1_ON and BKL1_PWM. Could you please probe and give me details about the state of that singals. Try to set those two pins as GPIO, Output 1 using GPIOControl tool and verify able to see display?

Also please check our release details about know issues and roadmap.

It turns out that the it is a hardware issue. I copied the design of the capacitive multi touch adapter v1.1 onto my own board, but on my board, the reset line (pin #27 of DS90C363BMT) needed to be brought low in between resolution changes that occur going from the bootloader to windows. The datasheet of DS90C363BMT actually recommends this. It looks like on the v1.1 board, there is an option to do this via the BL_ON line, although I used the touch_reset net which works great since the touchscreen driver resets that line when windows boots.