1:1 backup using the Update library?


In the latest WEC2013 image for the T30, the update tool supports full (1:!) backup of the module.

Is the Update library also updated to so this can be done using the library? (Or does the UpdateTool.exe support this as command lines?)


The update tool in image 2.0beta1 has a bug which prevents the backup from command line.

This is fixed in …

The command line switch /b is used to generate a backup. For more details, refer to the description of the Update Tool.

Will it also be availble in the Update library or only command line?

The backup feature will be available also in the UpdateLib.
Currently the library is not yet ready for release. Please get back to us if you need a preliminary version of it.


If possible we would like a preliminary version, so we can start the GUI implementation…